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Americano red vermouth, campari, soda water, lemon peel, orange slice
Bloody Mary tomato juice, lemon juice, vodka, worchester sauce, tabasco sauce, cellery sauce, salt, pepper
Bronx gin, red vermouth, dry vermouth, orange juice
Dry Manhattan rye whisky, dry vermouth, angostura, lemon slice
Martini Dry gin, dry vermouth, lemon twist or olive
Gibson gin, dry vermouth, pearl onion
Vodka Martini vodka, dry vermouth, lemon twist or olive
Sweet Martini gin, red vermouth, cherry
Perfect Martini gin, dry vermouth, red vermouth, lemon twist, cherry
Negroni gin, red vermouth, campari bitter, orange slice
Gin and It. gin, red vermouth, cherry
Gin and French gin, dry vermouth, lemon peel
Perfect Manhattan rye whisky, red vermouth, dry vermouth, angostura
Margarita tequila, triple sec, lemon juice, salt
Manhattan rye whisky, red vermouth, angostura, cherry
Garibaldi orange juice, campari bitter, orange slice
Kir sec white wine, cassis cream
Kir Royale champagne, cassis cream
Buck 'Fizz (Mimosa) champagne, orange juice

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