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Solidarity and Research


Spirulina is a microscopic alga, that given in very small doses would be enough to repair the damage of an inadequate alimentation.
Its effects are tangible: its richness in vitamins, mineral salts, iron and calcium, allow to combat the retardation of physical and intellectual development and malfunctioning of the immune system. It is estimated that malnutrition affects 300 million children worldwide and in order to save 36,000 young lives a day, it's not necessary to flood the South with food but instead only a few grams of Spirulina a day for 6 weeks would be enough to treat undernourished children.

The organization, Antenna, has developed a production system in tanks, easily utilized even in the most disadvantaged zones.
For example a 20 square meter tank supplies the quantity of Spirulina necessary to re-equilibrate the nutritive state of 150 children daily.
This microscopic alga is one of the few organisms able to grow in an environment which is extremely humid and alkaline, particularly considering that it is a plant that is used to growing in tropical latitudes.
Easy to produce, economical, and above all, miraculous.
Another prerogative is that of supplying an alternative economic development to the poorer countries.

Today, Spirulina is cultivated in various countries using the techniques developed by Antenna Technologies.
Presently, Antenna is active in 12 countries and 30,000 children benefit by its programs.

It is time to recognise the role of spirulina in the fight against chronic malnutrition
On behalf of the Swiss ANTENNA Technologies Foundation, we are pleased to present you with our latest report 'Spirulina in the fight against malnutrition: Assessment and prospects'. It is an introduction to the nutritional and therapeutic properties of spirulina, and an overview of the many studies on the topic.

The importance of spirulina, a micro-alga rich in proteins and micro-nutrients, is already very well established. For many years, health agencies and NGOs have used it to successfully treat mild and moderate child malnutrition in the countries of the South. It also has considerable development potential as a local, low-cost crop and has been subjected to due diligence in standards and safety checks.

Despite its proven value in the field, spirulina has not been recognised by those who lead the fight against malnutrition – governments, inter-governmental organisations and the key NGOs. And yet they have a significant say in its development, and their support is vital. At present, the FAO and a number of countries stand out alone for having acknowledged the potential of spirulina and including it in national health and nutrition programmes.

Help us, please, to secure the recognition of spirulina's role in the fight against mild and moderate malnutrition!

We invite you to nominate your organisation's spirulina specialist to us.

ANTENNA is working on the production and distribution of spirulina and spirulina products in 15 developing countries. We would like to share our rich knowledge base of scientific data and our extensive field experience.

Denis von der Weid
ANTENNA Technologies Foundation

Prof. Dr méd. Claude Regamey

Former medical director of the Department of Internal Medicine at the Cantonal Hospital of Fribourg (Switzerland)
Former chair of the Central Ethics Committee of the Swiss Academy of Sciences

Fondation ANTENNA Technologies
29, rue de Neuchâtel, CH – 1201 Genève, Suisse
Ph.: 0041 22 731 10 34 - Fax: 0041 22 731 97 86
spirulina@antenna.ch - www.antenna.ch / www.antenna-france.org
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